Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Post from Amanda at Nail Polish Enthusiast

HI MY LOVELY READERS! So sorry for being so MIA lately, I have been a busy little bird. Lots of family events going on lately, plus school starting up again and lots of other fun things, so I apologize for my absence.

Anyways, my lovely friend Amanda from Nail Polish Enthusiast offered to do a guest post for me today. Amanda has come to be a great friend of mine through the lovely Twitter nail blogging community, so I am pleased to have her here today! Don't forget to check out her blog =)


Hi ladies, Amanda here! It is my pleasure today to post for Jacqui! She's such a great person and when she said she was struggling to have time to blog, I knew I could step in! I had the opportunity to swatch for you one of Lynnderella's beauties, courtesy of Erin. Erin and I did a group order in hopes of meeting up since we're less than a state apart, but our schedules wouldn't work out :( She told me I could swatch hers before I sent them off to her, so I gladly partook and did a quick gradient swatch of Mercury's Rainbow before I ship them off to her :)

I started off with Maybelline Matte Gray before adding Mercury's Rainbow to the tips of my nails and using Orly Smudge Fixer to create the gradient. Then, I added top coat to make it shiny and voila! Instant glitter gratification.

Gratuitious bottle shot

Ooooh, pretty... you know, besides the smudges of gray on my pinky's cuticle and my cuticles being a hot, dry mess...anyway....

Since my nails were small to work with, I did the gradient on my thumb which showed it much better!
Mercury's Rainbow is a beauty!I'm not sure I'd recommend it for gradients in the future unless your nails are longer than mine, since the swatch just kind of looks like I applied it regularly! Erin is a generous gal to allow me to swatch this before sending it off to her :) Thanks sweetie! Also big thanks to Jacqui for featuring me today!



Thanks Amanda!!! This mani is absolutely gorgeous, and I think it was so brilliant of her to use a smudge fixer as a gradient medium. I'm going to have to try that trick one day!

See you all soon!! 

BLOG SALE UPDATE: Next batch of packages being shipped out tomorrow =)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blog Sale Preview!

Hi everyone and Happy 2012!! Long time no see =)

Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on a blog sale and I hope to have it posted by Sunday evening. It will include TONS of polish, perfume, makeup and Scentsy bars. I am trying to streamline my stash and I just have so much stuff that isn't being used.

Here is a quick cell-phone camera pick of everything all lined up and ready to be photographed:

I will see you all very soon!