Sunday, January 27, 2013

Retro Sunday Squared - OPI Creme de Menthe

Happy Sunday my lovelies! Dana at Polished Claws Up and I are back today with another edition of Retro Sunday Squared. We're bringing out the big guns today folks - VINTAGE GREEN OPI's!! Ahh! So excited!! Don't forget to check out Dana's post, she is showing off one of the polishes we found dusty hunting together this past summer!

Today I will be sharing with you OPI Creme de Menthe, possibly one of the top 3 most rare OPI greens in existence. This one never pops up on eBay and even through my extensive dusty hunting adventures, I have never seen a bottle of this anywhere. Why is this polish so rare? Because it is from 1989! Yes, 1989 which makes this bottle of polish 24 years old! That is almost as old as I am =) This is by far one of the oldest polishes in my stash. But as old as it is, OPI Creme de Menthe is absolutely gorgeous!  Creme de Menthe was part of OPI's "X" Collection, and not much is known about this collection. It contained other now-VHTF polishes such as Rainforest, Real Teal and Iridescent Opal.

OPI Creme de Menthe is a mint green with gold shimmer. I have seen many near dupes of Creme de Menthe but none of them were ever quite as vibrant or as shimmery as it. You would think that in the 24 years since this polish has been released, someone would have come out with a viable dupe. I know that Lindsay over at Yacking about Lacquer came up with a dupe of it and it was definitely the closest I have seen. But as far as the big retail brands go, I haven't seen anything close. This is a very special polish.

The formula on this one was kind of meh - it was actually kind of thick for an old non-3-free polish. It was a bit streaky and kind of hard to even out. Nonetheless, it is still gorgeous and I can't begrudge a 24 year old polish its formula. I'll thin it out a bit next time but for now, the formula was workable.

Here's 3 coats of OPI Creme de Menthe. I took a boatload of pictures and couldn't decide which ones I liked the best, so here's a bunch! Enjoy =)

Thanks for stopping by today everyone! Don't forget to check out Dana's post!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Scholarly Nail Side Project!

Bonsoir mes amis! Just a quick post here this evening to alert you all to a new side project I've been working on, The Scholarly Nail's Wax blog!

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I have a bit of an affinity for candles. Well, my new blog is going to showcase my adventures in scented wax! If you're interested in candles, tarts or fragrance in general, mosey on over! Or, if you're looking for another hobby to dump all of your hard earned cash in, hey, check it out! Haha.

I will be doing a giveaway over there soon so follow to stay in the loop!

Here's the link! I'd love it if you would take the time to check it out!

The Scholarly Nail's Wax Blog

And don't worry, lots of new Scholarly Nail polish posts are soon to come <3 Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Retro Sunday Squared - Maybelline Electric Apple

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Today Dana and I are back for another edition of Retro Sunday Squared! For those just joining us, Retro Sunday Squared is when Dana over at Polished Claws Up and I share some of our vintage nail polish gems. We have chosen to showcase some of our vintage Maybelline Express Finish polishes on this fine Sunday in January. Vintage Maybellines are some of Dana's and my favorite old school polishes, and for good reason - they are awesome! They had so many fantastic collections, finishes, and colors back in the day. Due to time constraints, we are only going to show one polish each today but I promise they are good ones!

I have to share with you all today Maybelline Electric Apple. Electric Apple is a lovely (albeit frosty) bright apple green polish. I first fell in love with this shade when Kaz over at Pretty Random swatched this for her blog. Her picture of it is much more beautiful so definitely check it out! Anyways, Electric Apple never was released in the US, so not only is it vintage, but it is even more hard to find because it was released in the UK and not here in the States. I ended up finding this on Amazon UK. Oh, the places we will go to find our vintage polishes! This bright, metallic green polish is definitely one of the stand outs in my Maybelline collection. The frostiness lends itself to the metallic finish and I don't mind it at all. I know frost is the devil in the nail polish world, but as I've said before, I have a certain affinity for frosty polishes.

So pictured here is 3 coats of Maybelline Electric Apple in all of its frosty glory! Enjoy =)

Thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to check out Dana's post over at Polished Claws Up!