Sunday, December 9, 2012

Retro Sunday Squared - Vintage Holiday Revlon Streetwears!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today Dana and I have for you some vintage holiday Revlon Streetwears! Of course, Revlon Streetwear is one of my all-time favorite vintage brands and I feel very lucky to have quite a few of the holiday ones in my collection. All of the ones that I am going to show you all today are quite rare, and I never thought I would own any of them in my lifetime!

A quick note - my cuticles are absolutely ravaged right now. I have been so busy with school and finals, getting ready for the holidays and then the blog sale this past week that I have just not been caring for them like I should. I have naturally AWFUL cuticles anyways so it's just difficult to keep them up to par in the winter anyways. So be warned, my cuticles are awful this week!

Don't forget to check out Dana's Holiday Streetwear post over at Polished Claws Up!


First up is Revlon Streetwear Rudolph. Rudolph is a red glitter in a clear base. Pretty standard, but essential for any Streetwear collector. The formula of Rudolph was pretty tricky. It was thick and gloopy and upon my first coat of it, I realized that there was no way this glitter was going to be opaque. So, on top of that first coat of glitter, I layered a coat of Revlon Streetwear Mrs. Claus, a red jelly from Streetwear's holiday collection as well. The effect of this jelly sandwich was amazing! It looked like China Glaze Ruby Slippers! I layered another coat of Rudolph on top of that and it was perfect. Just gorgeous! I am definitely going to be wearing this combo again before the holidays are over. It just screams Christmas to me!

So here's 1 coat of Streetwear Rudolph, 1 coat of Streetwear Mrs. Claus and 1 more coat of Streetwear Rudolph. Enjoy!


Next up is Revlon Streetwear Kwanza (yes, that is the way this polish is spelled even though the correct spelling for the holiday is "Kwanzaa"). This is probably one of the rarest Streetwears I own and one of the most unique polishes in my entire stash. Kwanza has a clear base with green square glitter, thin red bar glitter and then a thicker black bar glitter. I don't have any polish with that combination of glitters, nor do I know of any! 

I've decided to show you guys Kwanza over two different polishes today to showcase the different types of glitter. First, I've layered it over a pure black to let the red bar and green square glitters shine! But I always wanted to show you all the black bar glitters as well, so Streetwear Mrs. Claus to the rescue again! I layered Kwanza over Mrs. Claus, which helps the green and black glitters stand out, and the red glitters just glow against the darker red background of Mrs. Claus. So fun and festive!

So here's 1 coat of Streetwear Kwanza over Finger Paints Black Expressionism and then 1 coat of Kwanza over Streetwear Mrs. Claus. Enjoy!

Here's all the polishes I used today! From L-R: Streetwear Kwanza, Streetwear Mrs. Claus and Streetwear Rudolph.


That's all for today! Hope everyone is having a great December so far!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Retro Sunday Squared - Vintage Sally Hansen Christmas Glitters

Hi everyone!! Long time, no see! I have missed you all lots! I've been running low in the time department lately so sadly my blogging has taken a back seat but I had to squeeze in a blog post for you all today! Today, my vintage partner in crime, Dana over at Polished Claws Up and I have decided to share some of our vintage Sally Hansen Christmas glitters with you all today! You guys may remember our vintage SH Halloween glitters, and these ones are just as fantastic. Both Dana and I are huge vintage Sally Hansen fans so we are super stoked to share these with you today! We don't know the exact date on these polishes, but I assume they came out during the late 90's-early 00's like most of the other amazing vintage Sally Hansens out there.

Don't forget to check out Dana's post over at Polished Claws Up!


First up is Sally Hansen Festive. Festive is a green and red bar glitter with little green and red micro glitters scattered throughout. It has a clear base, so it is best for layering. I decided to layer it over black and I love how it looks! 

Here's 1 coat of Sally Hansen Festive over black. Enjoy! (P.S. gnarly cuticle warning!)

Next up is Sally Hansen Sugar Plum. Sugar Plum is a light pink, blue and light purple glitter in a purple jelly base. I don't know if the base is purple due to age or if that's how it was back in the day. Either way, the purple base allows me to layer it to full opacity and that is a win in my book! Love how this is still Christmas-y without being your typical red or green. Love it!

Here's 3 coats of Sally Hansen Sugar Plum. Enjoy!


Thanks for stopping by everyone! I hope to see you all again soon <3