Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Stash Spam Week - Revlon Streetwear and Revlon

Hi everyone!! Thanks for stopping in today.

I'm so excited about today's post because Revlon Streetwear and the regular Revlon line are some of my favorite vintage polishes ever! They were sold at drugstores during the late 90s and early 2000s and I remember having quite a few of them back in the day! Sadly, all the polish from my childhood has been tossed out and I had to rebuild my collection from scratch.

Vintage Streetwears and Revlons are pretty easy to find on eBay these days, but the more rare ones can be quite pricy. Take it from this vintage polish collector, patience and persistence is key to find what you are looking for at the right price. But there's definitely some fairly cheap Streetwears up on eBay right now and if you are eager to start collecting, that would be a great place to start!


First up are the Streetwears. Enjoy!

Revlon Streetwear

 Reds and Pinks, L-R:
Blood (version 1), Blood (ver. 2), Stain, Sweetie, Voltage, Infinity

 Lights pinks and Oranges, L-R:
Reveal It, Time Warp, Angelic, Prissy, Tangy, Trick or Treat

 Yellows and Gold, L-R:
Burnt (ver. 1), Imagination, Taxi, Halo, Slip, Slick

 Greens Part 1, L-R:
Witchy, Serene, Time Machine, Grass Stain, Envy, Toad (ver. 1)

 Greens Part 2, L-R:
Toad (ver. 2), Forest, Mystical, Burnt (ver. 2), Drab, Moody (ver. 1)

 Blues, L-R:
Prince Charming, Moody (ver. 2), Raw, E=MC2, Midnight, Dark
 Purples, L-R:
Jelly, Jam, Shady, Grape, Villain, Forbidden
 Nudes, Silver, and Browns, L-R:
Bare It, Nothing, Gunmetal, Schmutz, Mean
 Glitters, L-R:
FX Flash (ver. 1), FX Flash (ver. 2), Prism, Meteor Shower
 Bar Glitters, L-R:
Groovy, Midas, Nightmare, Black Widow
Minis, L-R:
Downtown Chic, Confetti

Now onto the regular Revlon bottles! Not sure when they switched over to the bottle design that they have now so if anyone has that info I'd love to know. I'm guessing that most of the ones that I have are late 90s-early 2000s as well!


Color Illusion collection, L-R:
Crimson Sparkle, Cocoa Shimmer, Lilac Beam, Plum Flip, Steel Magic, Silver Switch

 Magical collection, L-R:
Potion, Levitate, Magical, Crystal Ball

 Color Chromes and Chromes, L-R:
KhakiChrome, CoolChrome, OrchidChrome, Punch Chrome, Petal Chrome

 Zings L-R:
VioletZing, TangyZing, MangoZing, KiwiZing, KhakiZing, CitrusZing, Daring

 Revlon Professional, L-R:
Misty Plum, Blackberry, Wine Dynasty

 Reds and Pinks, L-R:
Vixen, Blackberry, Get Reddy, Berry Chic Crystal, Pink Twinkle, Hot Roxx, Rio Hot

 Greens and Blues, L-R:
Mint, Rio Cool, Nordic Sky, Crystal Calm, Splashy, Blue

Purples and Bar Glitter, L-R:
Violet Fusion, Lavender Smoke, Drama, Psychedelic, Disco, Groovy


Do you have any vintage Revlons or Streetwears in your stash? Did you have any back in the 90's?

Thanks for stopping by! Hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. **cries** amazing. a-mazing. <3<3<3<3

    1. I knew you would love these! <3 Do you own any Streetwears?

  2. I have non!!! I want to put my hand through the screen and grab some...lol

  3. Amazing stash! I'm drooling over the glitters. They're stunning! I actually have some Revlon Streetwears. They were my childhood polishes that I got through the 99 cent store. The one's I have are Witchy, Prince Charming, Raw, Jam, Glass Slipper, Ggold Mmine, and Emotion, which I got at a garage sale a few weeks ago. I can't find any info on it, but it's a glitter that shifts colors, sort of like Flash FX (ver. 1) but in a clear base.

    1. Yay I love hearing about other people's Streetwear stashes! You have a great collection! I had been wanting Prince Charming for quite some time and I finally found it last week =) And OMGGGG Emotion!!!! *passes out* That one is quite rare my friend, I'd love to see pics of it, or better yet, swatches!! I would DIE if I ever found that one!!!

  4. Wow that is an amazing vintage collection! Revlon Magical collection looks gorgeous! I also threw out the polishes from when I was younger, so everything I currently own is from the last few years.

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the Magical collection is awesome! Revlon did all kinds of cool things with polish back in the 90s =)

  5. wow, these are really awesome, love your vintage posts *.*

  6. Holy cow, those are so cool looking! I am loving your vintage posts so much! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

    1. You're welcome, I'm so glad you are enjoying these posts =)

  7. Ooooooh, not gonna lie, I have several of these in my stash still, hehe :) Though sadly I had to toss a lot of my Street Wears recently since they were really just too old and cranky, lol... That line needs to make a comeback!

    Petal Chrome is one of my favorites to stamp with!

    1. Yay, glad to hear you still have some vintage Revlons in your stash!! Bummer that you had to part with some Streetwears though. I agree about Streetwears making a comeback, it was such an amazing line! They are actually still sold in India but none of the old awesomeness remains and its pretty much just your run of the mill line of polish. And I agree, the chromes are great for stamping!

  8. Whoa, some of them are real beauties! Especaily Toads caught my eye, both of them. :D Lovely collection, really!

    1. Thank you!! The Toads are fantastic, some of my favorites of the whole collection! I knew you would like them =)

  9. YEEESSSSS!!!!! I've been looking forward to this post! Hell yea! I NEEEEEEEED KhakiChrome, Prince Charming, & Trick Or Treat. I Love your stash. DAAAAAMN!

    1. Girlll you know I have a bottle of KhakiChrome for you here!!! I will send it out once I get the L'Oreals, they should be here any day now!!

  10. Would it be possible to get the numbers of the label of the Daring Color Zing? And how weird that it's the only zing that doesn't have zing in the name.


  11. Hi! not sure if you're looking to add to your Streetwear collection but I have a couple I'm selling cheap here.Cheers! http://www.pinterest.com/kaligrrrl/polish-sale/


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