Saturday, October 1, 2011

China Glaze It's Alive!

Happy October everyone! I'm so excited that it is finally my favorite month of the year. It is my favorite for several reasons, but mainly because of the holiday that it contains. Halloween is my number one holiday of all time, favorite until the end, till death do us part. Yes, I even had a Halloween themed wedding! Coming up this month is our one year wedding anniversary and I have a super fun post planned for that day =) But anyways, since Halloween is the most wonderful time of year (whoever said that Christmas is the most wonderful time of year was sadly mistaken), I have a month full of fun, spooky and ridiculously fun manicures for you all!

First up is from this year's China Glaze Haunting collection, a wonderfully murky polish named "It's Alive." Yes, I know you have all seen a lot of China Glaze polishes on this blog already, but they are my favorite brand so expect to see a lot more in the next month because they have some spectacular Halloween polishes! It's Alive was the only polish that I got from the Haunting collection, as I had dupes of the others in my collection already. It is truly the star of the collection, and if you can only buy one Halloween polish this year, It's Alive should be the one.

Anyways, It's Alive a dark and grubby olive green jelly packed full of lighter green hex and micro glitter to create a fantastic polish reminiscent of the Swamp Thing. It is so sparkly yet so dreary at the same time - a perfect Halloween polish! It took two coats to reach opacity, which is not bad at all for a glitter polish of this nature. Application was very easy. It's Alive is definitely a "hungry glitter," meaning that it definitely takes more than a few layers of topcoat to smooth it out. To solve the hungry glitter problem, I always use one coat of Gelous (available at Sally Beauty Supply) and then one coat of my normal quick dry top coat and I'm good to go!

I have been dying to wear this polish ever since I picked it up at Ulta a few weeks ago, and I knew that it would be the first polish I would wear during October. So here are a few pics, hope you enjoy =)

And here a macro shot for you, to see how awesome the glitter is in this polish!

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start! Thanks for reading =)



  1. I love the sparkly olive yucky color of this polish, your pics look amazing.

  2. Isn't it lovely!! I'm quite partial to green polishes and this one is this one is a winner!

  3. I have this polish in my pile for Halloween polishes next week, I can't wait for this one! How was it with staining?


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