Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings over Revlon Royal Cloak

Hi everyone! So sorry I've been delinquent on blog posting the last two days. I am back with two posts for you today! First up is Revlon Royal Cloak smothered in Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings.

I was stumped for a while on how I wanted to wear Lynderella's Cauldron Drippings. It is quite a unique glitter polish, with a base of orange hex, square and bar glitter with green, purple and gold glitters of different shapes. I tried it on its own, and it was pretty but I prefer layering the Lynnderella glitters so I am not using a ton of them at once. I kept seeing swatches of it over orange polishes, but since the majority of the glitter in it was orange it would get lost among the background. So when I tried it over Revlon Royal Cloak, I knew I had a winner! It stood out amongst the purple and the orange glitters were able to shine! Plus, it feels very Halloweenish to me.

Revlon Royal Cloak is from Revlon's limited edition Masquerade Collection fro Halloween. It is definitely my favorite polish in the collection. Royal Cloak is a dusty blue-leaning purple with flakies! I am a huge sucker for flakies, so I had to try Royal Cloak. The application was very good, and I just love how thin Revlon's brushes are because it allows me to do precise, thin coats of color. Two coats was good for complete coverage on this one!

Over Royal Cloak, I did one coat of Cauldron Drippings. Application was pretty standard for Lynnderella polishes - I had to be a little more careful than usual to get the glitter to disperse evenly, but other than that it was perfect.

So here she is! Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings over Revlon Royal Cloak:

These are all photos of my right hand, which is not my default swatching hand so please bear with me as my left hand photographing and polishing skills are not 100%. Plus, my right hand looks weirdly red and yellow today. Odd.

Anyways, here is two coats of Royal Cloak alone:

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for part two of today's post!!


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  1. All these post are making my lemming for Lynderellas crazy strong! I hope we can order them! Great and unique combo!


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