Thursday, December 8, 2011

Avon Olive Green Stamped with China Glaze 2030

Happy Thursday my lovelies! Hope you are all having a fantastic day so far =) Today I have a stamped manicure for you. It's kind of festive, but in a subdued way. I really like it, and I hope you all enjoy it as well!

For the base, I used Avon Olive Green. Olive Green is a supposed dupe for RBL Orbis non Sufficit, and though I don't own the RBL color to compare, I can tell you that Olive Green is an amazing color! The name is a bit of a misnomer though, because it's more or a dusty blue-leaning green than a true olive green as it has no brownish tones in it. Anyways, it's an awesome shade, olive green or not! Formula-wise, it wasn't my favorite. It was somehow thick yet runny at the same time, and I flooded my cuticles like woah while applying it and had to do some major damage control. However, the finish was smooth and dried amazingly quickly with a coat of Seche Vite, and since the color is fantastic, I'll be keeping this in my stash.

I did the stamping with China Glaze 2030 from the Khrome collection, which is the perfect gold stamping polish. It is a cool-toned gold as opposed to a more yellow gold, and I just adore it. If you are new to stamping, I suggest you seek out some colors from the both the Khrome and Romantique collection from China Glaze, they are superb for stamping! I used XL Plate B for my stamping designs. The pine green background with the gold circles kind of reminds me of ornaments on a Christmas tree. I really am digging how this turned out!

Here is Avon Olive Green, stamped with China Glaze 2030.

And here is 2 coats of Olive Green before the stamping.

Thanks for stopping by! See you all tomorrow =)


  1. This is really nice
    Very classy :)
    I love the colour combo

  2. I really love this!!! I have that stamp and just love it!!!

  3. this looks so pretty, I realy love it

  4. I love this festive mani! I have a decanted bottle of Olive Green, now I can't wait to try it!

  5. Ooh this is a beautiful green! I've never tried an Avon polish but now I'm tempted. BTW, I'm a new follower and I love your blog =)

  6. What a lovely combo, and very holidayish!

  7. OMG i love this perfect the colors are great together!

  8. This is PERFECT for Christmas!!!


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