Monday, December 5, 2011

Kleancolor Metallic Red & Red Velvet

Happy Monday my lovely readers! It's cold and rainy here in the CLE, so I hope you all are fairing a bit better in the weather department. The husband and I finally started decorating for Christmas yesterday. We did our fireplace mantle with our nutcrackers and stockings and put up a few of the smaller artificial trees that we have. So I guess you could say that I am feeling a little but more in the holiday spirit. Because of that, I was inspired to do another Christmas-y manicure for you guys today =)

I decided on Kleancolor Metallic Red. Now, you guys already know how impressed I am with this collection of polishes. If I had to do a top 20 polishes of all time, 5 or so spots would probably be occupied by these Kleancolor Metallics. They are really that awesome. You guys have seen the Metallic Orange and Metallic Pink (which by the way, stains terribly upon removal) so I figured I'd throw in Metallic Red today. It is and AMAZING glowy, "lit from within" red that is perfect for the holidays.

After taking pictures, I decided to throw on a coat of Essie's Matte About You. And wow, am I glad that I did because it looks awesome! Mattifying this polish turns it into an amazing red velvet color. Ahhh! You guys, it seriously looks so cool! I can't decide which way I like the polish better, with regular topcoat or with matte topcoat. One one hand, there is nothing like a shiny, glowy red - but on the other hand, the matte topcoat makes it look like one of those velvet Christmas bows. Either way, it is a perfect holiday color and I'm pretty sure that I will do this manicure again before the holidays are over.

This color was ultra hard to photograph, especially because I couldn't get any natural light in this rain. I need to ask Santa for a better indoor light to take pictures! Anways, here is 2 coats of Kleancolor Metallic Red with 1 coat of Seche Vite on top.

And here is 2 coats of Metallic Red with 1 coat of Essie Matte About You.

So what do you guys think? Which way do you like better - shiny or matte?

Thanks for stopping by everyone, see you all tomorrow =D


  1. Wow is a serious understatement!!

    I have this polish too, but I haven't had the chance to use yet, because I've run out of the base coat I use with polishes that are known to stain, but from looking at your pictures, I definitively need to wear this for the Holidays! And I never even thought about using a matte topcoat over this! It looks like gorgeous silky red velvet on your nails! *looove*

    How long did you wait before you added the matte top coat? I've heard that these polishes dry a little slow, and I've always been using Seche Vite with all my polishes, which I apply when the polish is wet, so the slow drying issue is not really a problem with that top coat. But i've never used a matte top coat before though, so I have no idea how long to wait so the matte brush won't pick up the color of the polish?

  2. I am a shiny freak-but actually wore a matte black this past weekend-this is not so bad in matte!! Am loving that red though!

  3. I have metallic red, it is gorgeous

  4. I'm normally not a fan of matte, but I absolutely LOVE that. The shiny version is probably equally awesome though.

  5. @evercouldbe Hello! It is true that these Metallics take longer to try, even with the Seche Vite on wet polish method. Out of the three that I have done full manis with so far, the red seemed to have the quickest dry time. I put the matte topcoat on about 10 minutes after I put the Seche Vite on, and I had no problems with the color getting on to the brush. Good luck!

    @Fingers It's always good to step out of your comfort zone! I'm not a huge fan of matte either, but this one is winning me over.

    @Shannara Isn't she a beaut? Love it!

    @Allie-bee Glad you like! I'm not normally a fan of matte either, but it's really awesome!

  6. Wow that really packs a punch. Gorgeous.

  7. I looooooove metallic reds! It looks super pretty!

  8. GIRL! That's IT! I need this entire collection ASAP! how f*cking amazing!

  9. Oh dear god, I NEED this line in my life!! And with matte top coat it's just pure perfection.

  10. This is such a gorgeous red!! Of course, I prefer shiny ;0). I love it!!

  11. First of all, yay for another NE Ohio beauty blogger, and second, I love the colors and I adore the matte version!

  12. I usually go for shiny but this matte looks down right sexy and mysterious! I love it! :D

  13. @TeeDee Doesn't it? It is pigmented like crazy!

    @Sirena You do! If I could only own one red, this would be it.

    @Karen It is! The perfect glowy red

    @Nailderella Me too! I love Santee Jewerly (sic) Red as well.

    @Dana You neeeeeeeeeeed them! (Not to derail your no buy or anything! lol)

    @Madeline Doesn't it? Matte top coat can do amazing things!

    @Ulmiel You definitely need this in your life! It's cheap too, so you can't beat it!

    @MariJo Yeah, I think I like the shiny a wee bit more =) It's just so glowy!

    @Jammies How cool!!! Yay for NE Ohio bloggers!

    @ThePolishWell I love the matte too! I'm surprised because I don't normally like mattes, but it's so glowy and fun!

  14. I LOVe this polish! I used it recently but haven't posted pics of it yet but using it as a matte is PERFECTION!

  15. This color is fabulous! I really like it shiny, but I think I like it better matte. Just wonderfullll.

  16. Great colour! Very festive.
    I think it looks great either way :)

  17. Holy OMG this is the red I have been searching for!! Simply gorgeous!

  18. This red is perfection. I like it shiny and matte but shiny a bit more. I think it's the perfect color for the season ::runs to store to purchase::


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