Saturday, December 3, 2011

Twitter Swatch Requests: Hard Candy Pea Soup, OPI Two Plums Up & Essie Lollipop

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekends so far =)

On Thursday I asked some of my twitter friends to go through my stash spreadsheet and pick out a manicure for me because I was feeling super indecisive and couldn't make up my mind what polish to wear. I got three different answers from three lovely ladies, so I decided to do them all in this post!

First up is Hard Candy Pea Soup, requested Madeline over at Girl Germs. This is vintage Hard Candy (pre-Walmart) and probably came out sometime during the late 90's. I got this decant from a lovely blog sale, as I was in need of some green Hard Candy polishes to round out my collection but wasn't having luck finding any. I figured that a decant was the best I could do! Pea Soup is a yellow-green frosty shimmer, and it is relatively sheer so it took 3 coats to reach the color you see here. The formula was decent, your typical non-3 free texture and smell. It's not my favorite vintage Hard Candy polish by any means, but it is fun! Very evocative of the '90s, being a sheer, frosty light green. It just makes me want to go shop at Limited Too, drink some Clearly Canadian and watch Clueless =)

Anyways, here's 3 coats of Hard Candy Pea Soup, indoors.

Next up is OPI Two Plums Up, requested by Maria over at Nails Made Simple! Two Plums Up is an old black label OPI from the Hollywood collection from fall 1999. I am currently in the process of collecting the polishes from this collection, because as I mentioned before, my husband is a film maker and I am a sucker for anything film-related. Two Plums Up is a plummy-magenta color. It's a bit frosty but not so much as Pea Soup is as it has a nice shimmer to round out the brush strokiness (not even a word, ha) quality. I did 3 coats here, as it was a bit sheer and I wanted it to be nice and vibrant. I quite like this color, and although it's not something I would normally wear, I'm glad I took the time to try it out today =)

OPI Two Plums Up, 3 coats, indoors.

Lastly, I have Essie Lollipop as requested by my lovely Jamie on Twitter! Lollipop is from Essie's 2009 holiday collection, which was the collection that also contained Mint Candy Apple - the color that reignited my passion for polish. I had originally thought that Lollipop was a jelly, but it turns out that it is just a wonderfully shiny red creme. It only needed 2 coats to opacity, and the formula was perfection. Lollipop is an orange-leaning red, and I think it would look amazing on all skin tones. It is so vibrant and so squishy, and is definitely one of my favorite reds in my entire stash! I'm glad this was the last one that I swatched because now I can leave it on and admire its awesomeness!

Here's Essie Lollipop, 2 coats, indoors. Enjoy!!

So there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed these swatches. I am always willing to take requests, so feel free to take a look at my collection spreadsheet in the link at the top of the page (I fixed the link so everyone can see it now)! Let me know if there is anything that you would like to see =) I love hearing from you guys, so don't be shy!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and I will see you all tomorrow!


  1. Two Plums Up and Lollipop are gorgeous!!!

  2. Love the requests... maybe consider changng the blog to the Nail Request DJ? ;)

  3. i love Two plumps up! ihad no idea it was that old! wow!! that just means i'll have a hard time finding it.! haha because now i want it :( !!

    beautiful swatches! thanks for letting me pick a color! it was fun!

  4. I love the Lollipop, it's gorgeous!

  5. I am so disappointed that Pea Soup is so frosty! I guess it was the 90s... I'm excited to see the rest of your old HCs!!!

  6. OMG I totally remember Pea Soup! Love it! You and me and our vintage polish obsession!

  7. @MariJo - aren't they? i love them both!

    @Amanda - haha! i should do a request day every week at least =)

    @Maria - thank YOU for helping me pick a color! I hope you can find Two Plums Up somewhere!

    @Sandra - isn't it! such a perfect tomato red creme, I am in love with it!

    @Shannara - yup, it's a good one! I'm glad I finally tried it!

    @Madeline - yeah, total bummer that pea soup is so frosty! i saw a tutorial that says if you sponge on the last layer of a super frosty polish, it doesn't look as frosty! totally going to try that next time!

    @Dana - Haha! We can't get enough vintage, it's ridiculous!

    @Karen - I love it too! Totally not a "me" color but it was fun to test it out!

  8. Pea Soup is interesting, but I'm not in love with the frostiness. Maybe if you add a matte top coat? I don't own Lollipop, or many red polishes in general, but I like how bright and shiny it is!

  9. Wow, is Lollipop really that bright?? Then I want it!! Your swatches are seriously amazing!

  10. @Melissa - a matte topcoat is a brilliant idea! That way, it will show off the color but not the brushstrokes. Genius!

    @Ulmiel - aww thanks so much, you're making me blush over here!

  11. Gah!! I used to have Two Plums Up!!! It's one of the few bottles of polish I actually used up! *strolls down polish memory lane* I remember buying it because I couldn't afford "pricey" polish often. I must have looked at the OPI display for hours before I decided on a color. I forgot all about it. I will have to see if I can find a bottle again. I also had another bottle of OPI, hmmm. circa 1993? Similar color family, maybe a shade lighter but less frosty. I loved it too, but sadly I can't remember its name.


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