Sunday, December 11, 2011

Swatch Request Sunday - OPI's of Collections Past

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far. Today I have some more swatch requests from Twitter. I think I will be doing this every Sunday, so don't be shy and let me know if there is anything from my stash that you would like to see!!

First up is OPI Redipus-Oedipus, requested by the lovely Radha on Twitter. R-O is from the 2004 Greek Isles collection. Greek Isles was the first collection that I remember coming out when I worked at Trade Secret back in the day, so its very nostalgic because that is when I first started collecting OPIs. Anyways, Redipus-Oedipus is a really fun bright red shimmer. The consistency was almost like a jelly, it was a bit sheer but super shiny and had that lovely shimmer dispersed throughout. Since it was an old formula OPI, it was relatively thin and required 3 coats to opacity. I absolutely love this color, it would be so fun for a summer pedicure.

Here's 3 coats of OPI Redipus-Oedipus, first in outdoor light then the last pic is indoors. Enjoy!

Next up are two colors requested by the lovely Jamie on Twitter. First up is Let Them Eat Rice Cake, from the 2005 OPI Japanese Collection. Let Them Eat Rice Cake is one of my absolute favorite nude shades of all time. It is a light pinky-nude creme that seems to look amazing on all skin tones. Although it is an old non-3 free formula, it wasn't as smooth and thin as the others and was a bit thick and goopy. My bottle has a bit of a wonky brush, so that didn't help the application process either. It took 3 coats to reach opacity, and though it was a bit uneven on the nail, a nice thick coat of Seche Vite evened everything out beautifully.

The following pics are 3 coats of OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake. First three pictures are outdoors, last three are indoors.

Last but not least is Baby It's Coal Outside from the 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection. This is probably one of my favorite OPI colors of all time, so I put this on last and decided to wear it as a full manicure because it's just so awesome! Baby It's Coal Outside has a black base with this amazing gunmetal brocade shimmer throughout. The brocade shimmer gives it almost a sueded look, I love it! This is a 3-free formula, and I had no problems with application. It was a bit sheer, so it took 3 coats to reach opacity.

Here's 3 coats of Baby It's Coal Outside, all the pictures are outdoors except for the last one. I can't stop staring at my hands with this on, it's gorgeous!

And here's a macro shot to show you the awesome shimmer!

That's all for today! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing these swatches. Again, I'll be doing this every weekend so please let me know if there is anything you are dying to see.

See you all tomorrow!


  1. I love the coal polish! It's gorgeous! also, I just noticed that you are in Cleveland. I live right below you in Kent :)I just moved here at the end of the summer

  2. I love the red and black one :-)

  3. Let Them Eat Rice Cake .. is BEAUTIFUL!!! it looks so perfect against your skin tone, i wonder if it would look just as amazing against mine., prolly not but still i think i need it . lol

  4. These are all great,... Let them have rice cake looks awesome!

  5. Baby It's Coal Outside is gorgeous! I wish I was into nail polish when it came out. I also can't help but laugh at the name Redipus-Oedipus. And Let Them Have Rice Cake is a really pretty nude polish. I can see myself actually wearing it and liking it.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh you make me lem Baby It's Coal Outside!!! :-P Lovely on you. So is LTERC!

  7. The red is sooo gorgeous!! I have to come up with a polish to request ;0).

  8. @Samantha - Hello! Yes, Kent isn't too far away at all. I used to go down there and party all the time! Especially for Halloween - too fun!

    @Shannara - Thanks! I love them too =)

    @Maria - Thanks! Let Them Eat Rice Cake looks good on pretty much all skintones, I have seen it swatched on several people and it always looks fab! I love it!

    @PolishAMOR - Thanks so much! I love LTERC, it's one of the best nudes that I own.

    @Melissa - Isn't it? I'm so glad I did a full mani with it, it's so pretty! Try hitting up some nail salons in your area and ask to see their polishes they have for sale, you never know what gems you may find.

    @Rach - Thanks so much! Baby It's Coal Outside is amazing! I was surprised how much I liked it on my nails, I wasn't that in love with it in the bottle. But on the nails, a true stunner!

  9. @MariJo - Isn't it? The pics don't show how awesome it is, it's like a candy apple red jelly with shimmer. Please do send me requests, I love doing them for my readerfriends =)

  10. I've had my eye on Baby It's Coal outside forever on Amazon & Ebay - after seeing these swatches I pretty much must have it. :p

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