Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Butter London Bluey + Henley Regatta, and my Butter London Stash!

Hello my lovelies! In honor of Ulta's Buy One, Get One Free sale on Butter London Today, I thought I would do a Butter London Post. Today for the BOGO, I picked up Bluey and British Racing Green. They are both fantastic! Hell, every Butter London polish that I own is fantastic. I have been wanting Bluey for a while now, so I decided to wear it as my NOTD today.

Big shout out to the husband who helped me take pictures on this fine day. He is the most supportive nail polish husband ever! Thanks husband! Anyways here is Bluey, isn't she just delicious? All these pictures were three coats. Probably could have gotten away with two coats, but I did three just to be safe for photographs. It applied like butter, so it is aptly named as well!

Bluey is a wonderful glowy blue-teal shimmer with hints of greenish duochrome. Love!

Another shot of the Bluey-ness.

Hints of the green-ish duochrome. So gorgeous!

And because I can't leave well enough alone, I decided to layer Butter's Henley Regatta over Bluey. Best decision of my life. Henley Regatta is a blue and green microglitter in a clear base. It looks amazing over Bluey! Don't forget to click on the pics to enlarge them so you can see the true awesomeness of this manicure!

So sparkley!!

Butter London is definitely one of my favorite polish brands on the market today. The formula and application are outstanding, and though the color selection is fairly limited compared to brands such as OPI and China Glaze, the colors they do have are wonderful. They last quite a bit on my nails as well, All Hail the Queen being the exception. AHTQ has a bit of holo in it, and since holos are notorious for chipping, so I expected as much. But the rest of my Butter Londons wear like iron on me. Don't fear the square cap, it comes off and provides a more convenient rounded lid for polishing underneath (much like bottles of Chanel nail polish):

So here is my Butter London stash! It is on the small side, but continues to grow with each new collection they release. If they keep doing these BOGO sales on them at Ulta, I'm screwed! 

Nudes and Purples, L-R: All Hail The Queen, Muggins, No More Waity Katie, Marrow and HRH

Greens and Blues, L-to-R: Wallis, British Racing Green, Bluey, Henley Regatta and Victoriana



  1. That is so gorgeous!!! I picked up Henley Regatta, Toff, HRH, and Marrow today.

  2. All fantastic choices! I reallllly wanted Toff, but they were sold out so I went with British Racing Green. Can't go wrong with Butter London though!

  3. That color is soo pretty. I wish they would sell them where I live.

  4. Hopefully one day they will!! Perhaps you can find them online somewhere?


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