Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Sally Hansen Pink Insta-Dri Polishes and Stamping

Hello again, and welcome to my very first Pink Wednesday! It will be very quick post today, as I have a ton of homework to go before I head on up to school this evening.

Anyways, I decided to start doing Pink Wednesdays because I seem to have accumulated a boatload of pink nail polishes, but I never seem to wear them. I'm hoping this will help me test out all the lovely pinks in my stash.

For today's nail, I used two pink Sally Hansen Insta-Dris. I really have a love/hate relationship with these polishes, as they are fantastic for nail stamping, but as far as regular polishing goes they really fall short for me. First of all, they have that horrendous "pro wide" brush that seems to be all the rage these days. I know a lot of people like them, but for me, it makes it really hard to control application. Since these polishes are so thick, it would be nice to have a smaller brush for easier control. I suppose they would be good if you were in a pinch, but I prefer to take my time with my polishing and be precise about it. It's just so hard to get a nice, thin coat with the brush and the thickness factor of this polish.

In conclusion, for regular polishing, the Insta-Dris get a C-. For stamping, however, they get an A! I think I'll keep these in my stash just for the stamping purposes.

For the base, I used Insta-Dri Pink Blink from the limited edition Spring 2011 collection. This is two of the thinnest coats I could possibly muster with that damn pro wide brush.

And here is Pink Blink stamped! I used another polish from the LE Spring 2011 collection called Fuchsia Flare. I love these tone-on-tone stamping designs! I used an XL Chez Delaney plate for this stamping pattern. Not my best stamping attempt, but I think it's rather acceptable. From far away, at least =)

Thanks for stopping by today! I have something VERY EXCITING in store for you all tomorrow so I hope to see you then =)

- Jacqui


  1. ooo h i love the pink on white stamping!

  2. Thanks! it's actually stamped on Pink Blink, the polish I used in the first pic. But it definitely does look white in the second pic, doesn't it? lol =)

  3. Love love love the color combo, great stamping!

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