Friday, November 25, 2011

Layla Magneffect Magnetic Effect Nail Polish in Silver Galaxy

Good afternoon my lovely readers! As most of you know, magnetic nail polish has replaced crackle polish as the hot trend in nails right now.  All magnetic polishes contain magnetic particles that make shapes when a magnet is held over the wet polish! Recently, Nails Inc. Magnetic polish has popped up at Sephora stores everywhere and people have been going gaga for it! I thought that I would show you a brand today that you may not have seen before.

Layla Magneffect has about 10 different colored magnetic polishes, and the color offerings are really pretty awesome. I decided to show you guys Silver Galaxy today, because it is the only magnetic polish that I know of that also contains glitter!

Silver Galaxy is a sheer, light silver magnetic polish packed with silver glitter. Since it is a bit sheer, I decided to layer it over Revlon Steel-her Heart, a very pretty gunmetal color. The Layla Magneffect polishes come with a magnet on the bottle that forms stripes when held over the wet polish, but I wanted to use my LCN star magnet with this polish because I feel like stars and glitter just go well together, no? Here's what the star magnet looks like:

I like how my manicure turned out, but I have to say that there is a bit of a learning curve with these magnetic polishes. First of all, the magnet MUST be held over the polish while it is still wet to make the design. Once it has dried a bit, it will not work. This means that you have to do each nail one at a time. No big deal. But the hardest thing I found with this magnet was getting the design centered. I had to start over a few times, and I'm still not exactly content on the placement of the stars on my nail. Its hard to see where the design is being placed with the magnet.

Overall, even though it takes some practice, I am a huge fan of magnetic polishes. They are fun to mess around with, and even if your final result isn't perfect, it will still look awesome! There is a good variety of colors out there, but what I would really like to see from magnetic polish manufacturers in the future is more magnet shapes. There are only 3 shapes out there right now: a wave patter (Nails Inc.), lines (LCN and Layla) and the star (LCN).

Anyways, here is Layla Magneffect Polish in Silver Galaxy! I did one coat of the Layla over one coat of Revlon Steel-her Heart. Hope you enjoy!

What do you guys think? Are you buying into the magnetic polish trend or are you not crazy about it? Any other magnet shapes that you know of? Let me know!

Have a fabulous day everyone! I'm sure a lot of you are out enduring the Black Friday madness! After working in retail for as long as I did and dealing with the crowds year after year, I'm perfectly content to stay home and do my shopping online.

See you tomorrow =)


  1. This is so beautiful!! I love the design and the colors were a good choice! I want to get magnetic polish, but I am waiting for a cheaper version. How much did you pay for this brand?

  2. Thanks ladies!

    @MariJo - The Layla polishes retail for $15.50, which is a bit steep but pretty standard for magnetics at this point. LCN sells their magnetic polishes for around $9, but the bottles are smaller than the Laylas and Nails Inc ones.

  3. I must say that these are really nice. I am really not loving the magnetic trend at all but these are kind of nice! I think it's the first mani I've seen with a star instead of the wavy crap! Ps I'm old and need reading glasses. Would really love it if you could make your font a little larger for me! But only if you want to! I'll still be reading!

  4. Hi there! I made my font a little bit bigger, hopefully it makes it a bit easier to read =)


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