Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War - Swatches and Review

Good afternoon my lovelies! Today I have for you my very first RBL polish for you. I ordered in October from the BiB pre-order and ended up ordering 8 polishes! Now, for those of you not yet in the know, Rescue Beauty Lounge is a boutique polish company whose polishes are highly coveted in the nail world. Most of their polishes are limited edition, meaning that once they are sold out they are gone forever. Or, until Bring it Back comes around. Bring it Back is when RBL fans (or ReBeLs, as they are called on Facebook) vote on which colors they would like to see available for sale again.

No More War is still available for sale, and as far as I know has not sold out yet. It is one of those ugly-pretty colors that I just love so much! It is a murky, brown-leaning olive green cream. In some lights the green sticks out more, and in some lights (such as direct sunlight) the brown undertones really shine. I just LOVE this color. I have tons of olive/army greens in my stash, and not one has the baby-poop undertones that No More War has. There's probably some of you out there who are thinking "FUG, would never wear such a color," but I can't get enough of those baby poop colors.

As far as the formula goes, I wasn't in love. I know, I know, there's people out there that would swear up and down that RBL has the best polish formula out there. But for me, it was a bit too thick. It was kind of hard to get even, thin coats. Out of the bottle, I would have guessed that it was a 3-coater, but during application, the polish was so thick that 2 coats were enough. I do have to say that it was incredibly self-leveling, which meant that it there were no visible bumps due to the thickness.

Overall, after trying only one RBL polish, I'm still not convinced that the forumla is all that it's cracked up to be. However, I adore this color so I'll keep it in my stash and give all my other RBLs a chance to wow me with their formula.

Here is No More War, 2 coats, with topcoat, in various outdoor lighting conditions.

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  1. I loooooooooooove this color! I can't justify dropping $18 on a bottle of nail polish at this point, though, so I bought Kleancolor Fashionista. I also can't get enough ugly colors.

  2. Thanks girls! Madeline, I'll have to check out Fashionista. I much prefer the Kleancolor formula to this one.

  3. one of my favorite RBLs. It looks great on you!

  4. I bought the Kleancolor Fashionista as well, to avoid paying so much. However, it immediately went into the garbage. The smell was SO BAD that I knew it may kill me.....LOL. Then, I turned around and bought the RBL No More War anyway. Whatever, the Kleancolor was only $5.00. I cannot wait to get my RBL "prugly" nail polish in the mail. Looks amazing and so different but classy at the same time. I'm all about classy. Passed up on RBL Scrangie because to me its just not a classy color, pretty yes but not neutral enough for me. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing with us.

  5. I just found your blog, and am loving it! I just discovered nail polish last year right before the Tudors collection came out. I loved Anne, and heard nothing but raves about RBL as well, so I decided to buy a bottle as a birthday present to myself. I wasn't terribly impressed, either. The formula was rather thick and gloopy and seems to be getting worse with time. I'm going to try saving it with a few drops of thinner, but I'm glad I only bought 1 bottle.


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