Friday, November 18, 2011

Sally Hansen Arabian Night

Hello my lovely readers! Those who know me may know that I have a penchant for old, vintage polishes. The older it is, the better it is in my opinion - especially if it is a drugstore brand. Sure, I enjoy vintage OPI polishes just as much as the next girl but if I come across an old Maybelline or Cover Girl polish then I get pretty damn excited. I think it's because these aged drugstore polishes remind me of my childhood. I had SO MUCH awesome nail polish as a kid, which sadly, I eventually threw out because I did not know the wonders of nail polish thinner. I weep a little thinking of all those old Hard Candy, Urban Decay and Sally Hansen polishes that went to waste.

So today, I have for you an old-ish Sally Hansen polish. It is from their now-discontinued Salon line and it is called Arabian Night. Arabian Night is one of my most favorite polishes that I own. It is from 2008, so it's really not THAT old (heck, I have polishes in my stash that are nearly as old as I am) but since it's from a discontinued line, I like to lump it together with my old polish collection.

Arabian Night is a STUNNING deep blue-based purple with amazing golden shimmer throughout. In some lights, the shimmer even has a pink tinge to it. Ack! It's amazing! Application was very straightforward; two coats and I was good to go. It's one of those "hidden shimmer" polishes that I love so very much. When you are looking at it from far away, it just looks like a nice deep purple color, but once you're up close you can see the amazing golden shimmer in there.

So here she is, Sally Hansen Arabian Night. Hope you enjoy! (Oh, and please excuse the nasty gash on my ring finger!)

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!


  1. This is sooooo gorgeous! That third-from-last shot is amazing! Wish I'd grabbed this when it was out.

  2. Girls, I just checked the evil bay, people are selling it for under $4 right now! Not too shabby!


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